Wednesday, April 2, 2014

our favorite visitor!

this weekend was the BEST.
our family has always been close, and we rarely did things on the weekends without one another. even after the brother and i were out of school. his junior and senior years consisted of road trips to hutch to watch my games, and then after i was done playing, my weekends consisted of road trips to watch the brother play at barton.
we saw each other almost weekly or at least a couple of times a month during those first 4 years after moving out of the parents' home. the last two years, not so much. Dennan is a Grad Assistant (GA) for - dare i say it - K-State. We both pick on each other quite a bit, especially during basketball season. the brother was once an obsessed Tyrel Reed fan and owned his fair share of KU t-shirts, but now has been turned into a purple monster. I'll forgive him, as long as he lands some high-paying, DI job after his last year of grad school.
Anyways, despite his choice in college, our family misses him dearly during basketball season. He's on the road or in Bramlage every weekend starting in November until KSU decides to leave the NCAA tournament - usually late March.
We Facetime wtih 'Uncle Dennan' a couple of times a week and Banks loves it. He asks almost daily to see Uncle Dennan. Well, the Cats lost... as did our Shockers and Jayhawks, and the brother finally had some down time and came to visit us last weekend. 
It was just like old times, family times, the ones that I thought were 'annoying', but now would trade-in for anything.
Mom cooked us homemade meals all weekend, we sat like bums on the couch and watched basketball. I didn't wear an ounce of makeup, and sweats and t-shirts were a must. We cracked jokes and all was good. Banks LOVED having Uncle Dennan around. He was fascinated with Dennan's toothpaste, and wanted to do everything dennan did, including brushing his teeth with grown-up toothpaste (minimal). He wanted Dennan to dress him, golf with him, tickle him, give him rides and follow him everywhere he went. 
Dennan "this kid wears you out"

Yes. yes, he does.
But, it was awesome. 
So, happy (early) birthday to our favorite brother and uncle! We love you. 


In other news: Banks woke up in the middle of the night last night. took his pjs & diaper off. crapped on the floor. climbed back into bed and went back to sleep  naked.
I'm about to lose my mind.
We start swimming lessons tonight!!! Banks keeps saying "go swimming with the fishes!!!!"
he has already put his swim trunks in his very own backpack labeled 'banks' and is ready to roll. mom didn't time things quite right....because i had to purchase a maternity swimsuit last night so that i can join in on the lessons. wearing a swimsuit in public 25-29 weeks pregnant will not be the most flattering sight anyone has ever seen.... hopefully the water comes up to about my neck!
  25 weeks!
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