Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It's not for everyone. It's definitely not for me. But for our son, Banks, nudity is a daily occurrence with no shame attached.
In fact, he is very proud of himself most of the time, especially when he is nude.
We've been battling the do we or don't we potty train issue lately. I was all for the 'it will happen when they are ready for it' method', but lately we've gotten stuck in the middle.
Things B wants to do CONSTANTLY:
brush his teeth
wash his hands
sit on the toilet
take a bath
These are all great things to want to do, but they are deceiving.
Brushing our teeth can mean two things:
Sucking the toothpaste off the brush and saying "I'm all done."
running around the house with a toothbrush (and BLUE toothpaste) for 15+ minutes and brushing furniture, carpet, toys or anything but his teeth.
Sitting on the toilet is the same. it doesn't mean GOING to the bathroom in the toilet. I think maybe out of the 500 + times we've sat on the toilet, we've gone maybe 3. Not the ratio I'm going for.
Lately, B has taken even more interest in the toilet and nudity. Many have said "Banks is always pantless in your photos". Yes, that' is true. Almost immediately after he gets home from daycare he either A) Takes his pants off or B) We change his diaper and he refuses to put his pants back on.
From about 6-9PM he is running around with diaper + shirt  + rainboots (another blog post) if we are lucky.
But, most of the time we catch him with no diaper on. He will rip that sucker off in a heartbeat and therefore we have a nude baby. This nude baby has also been (DARE I SAY IT) going #2 on the floor.
It's bad. It's so bad. I can tell you this may be the first motherly dilemma that I haven't had an answer to. Not saying I always have the best answer (because I don't), but i have NO answer.
This brings me to last night. The worst it's been.
Banks hadn't gone #2 all day, so we knew that he needed to go. He got up from playing and told us "I have to go poopy"
Yay. Progress.
We sat on the toilet, nude, for a good 15-20 minutes and read stories. Nothing happened and he was DONE sitting on the toilet. diaper + rainboots on and he goes off to play ... in his room. not even 5 minutes later, he runs out of his room COMPLETELY NUDE and said I pooped!!!!!!!!!  he was excited.
I go to his room and sure enough the kid took a #2 (this was the 5th time this has happened)  on his carpet in his room. I could explain all of the thoughts and feelings I had at this point in time, but there are too many. We discussed what happened, explained it wasn't good... etc.
Diaper back on + rainboots..... 30 minutes of playing (in our sight) and then the kid took his diaper off, pooped on the floor and told us once again all in the matter of one VOICE performance. That's 2- minutes. 
And, then it was Wednesday. The sun came up today. 
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