Tuesday, April 8, 2014

big boy beds and random thoughts.

i really stuggle with the titles of blog posts. probably because it's part of my job to come up with clever titles, and by the time i blog, i just don't care about that anymore.
so lots of random tessa thoughts.
 banks has a big boy bed, and to say he LOVES it is an understatement. He spent 3+ hours last night asking me to play ( in his bed) and every time we weren't in his room he would say "Come, mommy, I show you my big boy bed."
Big boy bed, this. big boy bed, that. let's just hope this crapping in my bed/room thing ends SOON. it's happened once again since the last post.
this time in his diaper, but afterward, he thought it would be a good idea to take his diaper off, which consisted of the biggest mess we've seen yet. nothing like a shitty 7a wake-up call on a Saturday morning.
Needless to say, putting banks in his new bed was bittersweet. he is SO BIG. so smart. (except for the potty thing). and we are so proud of him. he truly is one hilarious kid, that no matter how much trouble he may cause due to his outgoing personality, he will put a smile on your face and make it nearly impossible to want to punish him, even after cleaning poo for over an hour.

ncaa basketball is officially over. the tournament was less than awesome this year since both of our favorite teams were eliminated early, but there is still nothing like college basketball, nor will there ever be. one shining moment still makes me cry.
i want to look like  UConn's Ryan Boatright's mom when Banks is 20+ yrs. That'd be nice.
oh, yeah... the women play for the national title tonight, but I'm so ready to see a 7 or 8 seed in women's basketball make an uproar in the tournament. I'm over Geno.
b and i spent all day Saturday in Norwich with Nana and Papa and visited the Norwich carnvial. We went last year, as well, and it was so fun to see how much banks has changed in a year. he was able to interact and understand most of the games and pick out his own prizes. so big! 
he adores his time with nana and papa. 

baby name drama.
yea. i'm pathetic. i know this, so it's okay since I'll admit it, right?
 so..... although i still have 50+ baby names on a list that i keep, we had decided on first names awhile back. if you know what they are then you are either my mom, or one of my bestest friends. I keep them tight, because i have a rule ( a pathetic rule ).
I wont' use a name if I know ANYONE that has the name or has a child with the name that i have any sort of ties with. Of course, I'm sure ALL of the names I have picked out have been used before, I'm 100% sure of that.
Oh, did I tell you that I know more than 10 people that have had babies in the past 2 weeks? Yea. That's a lot. 3 of them on the same day.  And by the looks of it, things aren't going to slow down... it's in the water - and I drank it.
Well, our boy name. It was used. AND it was used by someone with the last name, dare I say it.... Konen.
Yep. Heartbreak at it's finest. I was so sad.
So, back to the drawing board (at least for boy names). This stresses me out to no end, and it's a bit ridiculous. 
after (almost) a year of looking, i found a fiddle leaf fig. ahhhh. i bought it and now I'm looking for the perfect pot for it to call it's home. happy spring ya'll.
i have a lot of other random thoughts.
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  1. Um I think I must work with the other Konen family because she just had a baby. It was a cute name :)

  2. haha! Em - I bet you do. Kudos to her on the name - I LOVE it... just jealous :)