Monday, April 21, 2014

welcome the 3rd trimester and an emotional mama

well, baby k#2 will be 28 weeks in just 2 days. crazy.
that means we're officially in the 3rd trimester and that we will get to meet this babe in just 12 short weeks.

we'll have our last 'every 4 week' baby appt. the first week of may and then it's every 2 weeks from then on out. please join me in prayer that our 32 week soon goes well and that the babe's slightly enlarged kidney is no longer enlarged and that the slight cause of placenta previa disappears... that would be so awesome.

so in the next 12 weeks we have a lot to accomplish including finishing home projects, the nursery, directing my 3rd special event at Heartspring (this week!), throwing a baby shower, attending birthdays, weddings, a 5 day trip to South Carolina, I'll become an Auntie for the first time, Garrett will turn 30, I'll prepare my 4th special event for work before leaving for maternity leave and I'm positive that there will be some unexpected events pop up between the planned ones.

I wouldn't say i feel overwhelmed, because I love being busy, but there's a lot going on. and i realized (just yesterday) that i might be getting a little bit emotional.
banks is big. and he's going to be a big brother so very soon. I stayed up until 12:30 last night just scrolling through every photo I've taken of him since he was born. i hardly remember him being a baby, but yet it seems like yesterday that he had his first christmas, or first easter... and we just celebrated his 3rd easter! I cried just a little after putting him to bed. i also cried a little in church.... and a little when my brother and my parents left. happy tears, of course. I just couldn't ask for anything better at this point - and to be able to have our family together on easter was just awesome.

...and then the kid... 

the kid had a MAJOR meltdown after all of his easter guests left for the day. when i say MAJOR, that's an understatement. he cried for almost an hour and refused to put any clothing on.

then after letting him mow the lawn, without clothes on for a good hour, he was as happy as could be, so sweet and even took this sweet, sweet photo. and again he was back to melting mama's heart.

and for the first time, i feel BLAH. i feel like this pregnancy has been a piece of cake so far.... until today. i feel entirely hungover, exhausted and just plain worn out. and not a dang thing will fit over this belly.... so therefore, the mornings are a bit rough.

so i'm hoping this is just a case of the monday weather being cloudy and rainy. 'cause i got a lot to do.

and i have this weird urge.... it could be because the boston marathon was today... but i just want to get back out there and run. i've already been crazy enough to check... and there are exactly 87 days between our due date and the fall prairie fire 1/2 marathon. my goal is to run it... we'll see how brutal (or big this baby is) this delivery is, though. no promises, but i am itching to get back out on the pavement and run for hours. weird, i know.

so that's cool. i feel completely exhausted and have an urge to run long distance.
... and i have nothing to wear.

but, life is OH, SOOOO good.

... and when i download all 200+ easter photos I will get to all the fun we had for Easter! 

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