Friday, December 30, 2011

One month update

Our boy is one month old! I can't believe how fast time flies, but we've been enjoying every second of our new life with Banks.

He smiles a couple times a day, especially if you give him lots of kisses.
He's now 10.8 lbs - one BIG boy! and wearing size 1 diapers and most of his newborn clothes are snug or too small.
He holds his head up really well and has his eyes wide open when he's awake.
He's a lot more interested in his toys and enjoys the swing a little more now.
He's an awesome cuddler. He loves to sleep on the couch with his mama!
He loves TV (opps!) and any sort of ceiling fan or light.
Car rides go quite well for the most part. He almost always falls asleep once we start driving.
He's a great eater!
His schedule at this point varies a little bit, but for the most part he falls asleep at 11pm-12am an sleeps til 3 or 4, eats, and then sleeps til about 6, eats and sleeps til about 9. He is usually awake from 9am to 1pm and then falls asleep from 1 to 5 and then stays awake most evenings and watches basketball games with mommy and daddy!
His hair hasn't fallen out and has become a little lighter/auburn colored. His eyes are a dark blue color and so handsome.

To sum things up, Banks is awesome.

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