Tuesday, December 13, 2011

just lovin' life.

Today marks Banks' 2 week birthday! Everyone was right. Time flies after you have kids. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since our lives forever changed! We're blessed to have great friends and family who have been stopping by to meet/visit Banks, bring us food and feed us! It's been amazing. Much of this credit goes to my mom. She's AWESOME. She was at the hospital - even before I was! - and stayed through this past Sunday (12 days!). I don't know what Garrett and I would do without her. She helped us so much and fed us the best of foods :) That part I am half-way thankful for, as it wasn't helping me with losing baby weight! Ha! In the past day, Garrett and I both have said, "I really wish Grandma Julie was still here." But, we are managing to get by, although I think Banks misses her, too! The dishes are now compiling, along with laundry and her magic way of getting Banks dressed without crying is absent. Garrett is now home until after the first of the year! YES!!!! It's so fun watching him with Banks. We are learning everything as a family, which makes it all the more special. We even managed to give Banks a bath without any crying! YES! He's been sleeping well, but when he's up all he wants to do is eat! He can eat for hours without stopping. Seriously. We've weighed him at home, and he's well over 9 lbs now... and looking chubbier than ever :) His umbilical cord fell off after 9 days and we have a handsome nakey baby on our hands. He grins every now and then and is making more and more noises. His hair has lightened up a little bit, and I like to think it might have a 'reddish' tint. That could be hopeful wishing. Banks has made trips to Barnes and Noble, Baby Gap, Kohl's, Hobby Lobby, Babies R Us, The Donut Shop, Carter's, the Dr's office, Wal Mart, Dairy Queen, Chilis, to Lyons to visit Garrett's Nana and Papa and to Koch Arena. The boy is busy! I'm happy to say that he has slept or cooperated throughout all of the trips - he loves to shop like his mama! I'd say he's been out on the town for a 2-week old :) We're so thankful he loves his car seat and manages to fall asleep every time we get in the car! Yipee! We're looking forward to seeing more friends this week and for my family to come down this weekend, especially Uncle Dennan :) Today's task: clip fingernails without awakening baby Banks. Wish us luck!

I'm a poser.

My "B" outfit that Sheena made me! LOVE IT!

So peaceful.

My belly button!

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