Thursday, July 10, 2014

today, i'm thankful.

what a week. a week of crazy emotions, as if that weren't expected from a 9 month pregnant mom.
the week started out with lots of complaints. complaints sunday evening about how i had to go to work on monday, rather than staying home with a newborn.
early monday i learned that our best friends were going to most likely lose a dad and father in law, a friend's wife was diagnosed with cancer and saw posts of another friend mourning the 7th anniversary of her first child who only lived minutes on earth.
i quickly became ever so thankful that i was at work, had a job, my parents are healthy, i'm healthy and our second child was moving like crazy inside the womb. and i got to spend another day being pregnant - something i'm ever so thankful for, the blessing to be able to have kids. 
although i'm 100% ready to meet this baby, find out the sex of this baby, name this baby, love on this baby and for our family to grow... today i'm ever so thankful for what i have RIGHT NOW, because tomorrow is never guaranteed. it's so easy to rush life and wish for more and want time to pass quickly because of things we get to look forward to. this week i'm reminded that living in the moment is not such a bad thing.
so many prayers being said this week. prayers for peace and comfort in the most difficult times.
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  1. Amen. Prayers for you too. I remember all too well the waiting. You will be holding that sweet baby very soon. :). Thanks for sharing and reminding us all to live in the present.