Wednesday, April 17, 2013

well, hello.

 Holy smokes. It's been awhile. I'm going to catch you up in the same manner that I feel like time has passed - quickly.

St. Patrick's Day
Alli and I ran the St. Patty's 5k together, opened a bar and had a few drinks before going out that night. It's always a great time with Miss AK. 

on the 17th I realized that it was TWO years ago I found out I was pregnant with Banks. Seems like yesterday. Made me so happy and sad at the same time. Time flies. I made B green pankcakes and we did some crafts and just hung out in our 'Lucky KU' shirts all dang day. Those days are the best.

March Madness
A great time. The following in Wichita for WSU was amazing. After working at WSU it made it all that more special to watch the guys succeed. I'm so proud of them and couldn't have asked for a better run. Of course winning it all is the goal - but, what they did is something to be proud of. KU - That wasn't cool. Of course, March is one of my favorite months because of all the basketball played. Such a fun time watching all the WSU games with our best friends and cheering them on at a wedding, bars & at home. Fun stuff.

Celebrated Easter with family at church and a lunch at our house afterward. So blessed with a great family and so thankful for New Life. Banks was spoiled with 3 Easter baskets and lots of hidden eggs. He was the absolute cutest looking for all of the eggs.

We made the big trip to Norwich for the school carnival. B of course had a blast. Winning lots of unnecessary prizes is always fun, right? Grandpa learned not to let B take on a sucker on his own - stickiness galore. Uncle Dmo came home and we got to hang out all weekend - we wish he lived here. Mom fixed a fabulous dinner. G stuffed himself full and said "that was amazing". 

A few more weeks til' 1/2 number 3. I haven't been training as much this time around, but hopefully it'll all work out. 

G and I are going to be working hard the next few weeks to get our house ready for the market. I think we are ready for something bigger and something west. Hoping to get closer to all of our family, friends & church. So, that should be interesting.

Growing like a weed. Had an upper respiratory infection last week and was absolutely miserable. Took him to his 16 month check up. He weighed 25lbs and was 32 inches tall.  Got some antibiotics and he's back to normal - happy go lucky. I couldn't love anything more than him. He's amazing. The life of any party for sure.

Slumber Parties
Banks has stayed the night with both sets of grandparents in the last month. To say the least he is spoiled. G and had a few good nights out.... and at home. Yes our 'night out' became a 'night in' with early bedtimes. We are getting old.

61 days. I cannot wait!

Going well. Save the date for my first event - PedalFest August 24, 2013.

That's all for now. I'm sure I missed about a million things, but basically life is BUSY and GREAT.


wal mart trips with mom are the best!

breakfast with mama

sports with gpa

cheering on the shocks!

brudder love

bubbles with auntie k

fun in the yard!

sick baby banks

breakfast at cracker barrel with gma ju ju

cake walk with uncle dmo

winner winner chicken dinner!

slumber party fun

st pattys

happy birthday uncle dmo!

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