Monday, April 29, 2013

catchin' up with the konens

this time of the year seems to be the best and also the busiest.
work is busy. our social calendar seems to be filling up. there's birthday parties to be had, baby showers to attend and weddings to be blessed. it's running season and races are in full-force. vacation is approaching (yipee!!!), our house is for sale (never-ending cleaning), which means i'm constantly keeping my eyes open for THE HOUSE to buy... just in case we sell ours. oh, and banks is busy too. running everywhere, eating dirt, digging in the trash, opening the toilet lids, talking up a storm, is always hungry and thinks the street looks more fun than the green grass. we are constantly chasing after him - but i wouldn't change that for the world.

last week i attended a photography workshop and i LOVED it. Gina Dreher was an excellent instructor. I'm totally jealous of her stay at home mom/ awesome photographer job. i have a whole new respect for awesome photos. it's a science and an art. i got to play around with the camera this weekend with baby banks and also took some maternity photos for a great friend. by no means will i be a pro photog, but it's fun to take pictures for friends. i've learned how to photoshop the photos so that banks' bbq stains on his shirt are less apparent and his 'boogies' aren't so noticeable. fun stuff.

royal script is busy too. i'm behind & need to get caught up. asap.

1/2 marathon #3 is this weekend - PR times will not be happening, so don't you need to worry about any type of celebration. I've been running slower than ever before. not sure why, but it's not cool. there is another 1/2 i'm thinking about doing in a month or so... maybe i will feel more up to speed around that time.

my brother is graduating college in 2 weeks. craziness.
i get to celebrate my mom this month - which is awesome. she deserves every bit of that day, she's the BEST mom ever. i also forget that I'm a mom when i think about mother's day. sometimes it's just crazy to think about. 

cabo is in 48 days. 

it's monday. the sun is shining. it's a beautiful day.

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  1. Banks looks like such a little "grown up" boy now, getting so big!