Thursday, March 14, 2013


i think about things to blog about about 100 times a day. 
rarely do they ever make it to the tips of my fingers and through the keyboard to a screen, but i do think about these thoughts often. if i had my way i'd be a stay at home mama and spend hours upon hours with the most precious boy and make sure my husband had a clean house and a yummy meal to eat when he got home from work everyday. i'd also blog and workout during naptime. sounds like a perfect life. trust me, i've spent days home with banks before and it's not a scripted day like i just stated, but i'm pretty sure it's a lot better than taking my baby to daycare everyday, the stress of work, picking him up from daycare and worrying about the stress of work the next day. that i can assure you.

what i have realized is that my priorities in life have changed. yes, i knew they probably would and for that matter, they probably should.

for instance, blogging. that used to be a top 5 priority. like i had a deadline. like i was being graded or earning some sort of blogging certificate. don't get be wrong, i love to blog. it's relaxing. it's like my journal.. but then again it's been shoved down to #32564 on the list of priorities.

a lot of times i find myself overwhelmed. i try not to show it, which sometimes i tend to think i'm really good at because I am often asked "how do you balance everything" or "when do you have time for that"? umm... I don't and I don't. those are my two answers.

something else i like about blogging.. rambling.

anyways, i think i'm trying to make two points.

1. prioritize by what makes you happy.
2. it's okay to say no.

if you do these two things your priorities will most likely make sense. 

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