Friday, March 1, 2013


Apparently it's been busy, because I haven't had the chance to update the blog.

I've started my new job and i'm liking it quite a lot so far. Very busy. Lots of learning, but also lots of opportunity to make my own marketing decisions ( which can be scary!) .  I know this job will be and already has been very rewarding. Right now I'm working on hearspring pediatric services' marketing plan which includes introducing social media, doctor luncheons, and exhibiting at various conferences. If you hear of the CARE walk, PedalFest or Lights On The Lake - those are the events I will be planning. So... Go to them! :) CARE walk is well underway tHis year so I will be taking over the 2014 event. I'm keeping plenty busy, and for the time being I've been home by 5:30 everyday. I'm loving watching the shockers on tv instead of being at the arena 3 hours before game time.

Speaking of work, I've began working out again. Ahhh, it's lovely. Basically, with winter ( getting dark outside before I even get home ) and the time I refuse to give up with banks, there wasn't anytime to hit the gym or run outside. Garrett's Christmas present to me - a legit treadmill - has solved this problem. I can now workout morning or late at night after b goes to bed, whether it's cold, rainy, dark or light and I don't have any excuses. If I have 30 minutes I can manage to squeeze in a good run, rather than using the 30 minutes to drive to the gym. It's awesome! We've decided to add a flat screen tithe gym 'area'. Hello junk tv and running. To kick off the workouts I signed up for my 3rd 'official' half marathon in may. I say 'official' because while training for the full I feel like I ran 13.1 miles every weekend... Ahh. So happy running!!!!

Banks is keeping us busy and we're loving every minute of it. He loved the snow and would cry when we made him go inside. Apparently the freezing cold, wet clothes didn't bother him as much ad it bothered me. He has 13 teeth now, and 2 are coming in. He uses them often as he is a eating machine. His new favorite - hot dogs. Well, turkey dogs... But you get the point. He enjoys sitting in the kitchen when I bake or cook. He will take his dirty Clothes to his room and put them in the basket on
 command, fetches his own diaper when he needs changed, stands by the door with trash and 'asks' someone to open it so that he can throw the Trash away,  and the minute you say bath he runs to the 
bathroom door. His hair is long and crazy, but I just love it. He will run to the tv when basketball is on and say something that sort of sounds like basketball.... He points to his ears, eyes, nose, belly and feet on command and says please as cheese....and cheese for cheese which gets confusing  at times. We just can't get enough of him and his perfect personality.

So all is well, and it looks like our next few months will be busy and good... If the jayhawks can win out the rest of the year :) happy march!

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