Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby the basement.

For almost five months, Garrett has been working tirelessly in the basement. We are beginning to see lots of progress as the framing is completely done - 1 bedroom, 1 TV room, 1 living room, a bar and a full bathroom - and the electrical and plumbing stages are mid-complete. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with so many decisions, we decided to take a trip to Klein Construction and nail down some flooring options. Needless to say, we picked out carpet, tile for the bar, counter tops for the bar and tile for the bathroom floor and shower. Check. Check. Check. Check. We were also able to match paint colors to the carpet and tiles we picked out. Check. Check. I finally feel like we are moving forward and the basement is coming together. I cannot thank Garrett enough for his dedication to getting the basement done - in a timely manner, that is - he's given up just about every weekend since January trying to please me :) Go basement, go!! Below are the updated basement pictures!

 Above: The Bathroom and THE TUB!
 Above: Standing at the bar, looking at the living area, hallway and bedroom.
 Above: The TV room and the Bio Force (someone please take this!)
Above: Some of the carpet, tile and paint decisions we made!

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