Friday, October 25, 2013


nearly a year ago (when baby b was eating solids regularly, and i gave in to feeding banks sugar) we started a Friday Donut  Day ritual.

I may miss the park city daylight donut shop more than anything since we've moved. the donuts were SO good, and they had a drive-thru. this meant that even if i woke up 15 minutes late, or if banks had a bad morning, or if I was on 'E' when we got in the car, we could always make time for the (barely) 2 minute trip to the donut shop. Since the move, we've been on the lookout for the best west-side donut shop (yummy, convenient - on the way to daycare & drive-thru preferred).

West-side. you are awesome, but your donut shops suck.

since August we've hit up Dillons, our most frequented Friday stop, Casey's General Store (YUCK), LaMar's (pretty good, but out of the way) and even opted for a bagel at Scooter's one day that made Banks think it was Monday.

As of now, our best bet is Dillon's, even though we have to get out of the car, about 60 seconds after we just got buckled in, fight off the business people who are buying for the whole company, go through the  self-checkout line (because they are the only lines that are open that early) and get a sub-par donut. Mama perk: there is a Starbucks. Downfall: our $1 donut stop has turned into a $6 Friday investment. 

Although, I'm not as fond of Donut Day (mostly because I miss the Daylight Donut doughnut holes), Banks has never been more fond of Fridays. The minute I tell him it's Friday when he wakes up, he responds with "NO-NUT, NO-NUTS!!!!". This could be bad, but it's too cute. It's the very best way to begin each Friday, with my doughnut buddy, Banks.

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