Sunday, November 7, 2010

creative paper.

for about a year now i've been attempting to become creative with paper. last christmas was my first piece at becoming 'creative'. i designed out christmas 'card' as a magazine cover and used pictures and short titles to describe garrett and i's last year together. i think it worked out nicely, but now it's november and time to be thinking of another creative way to tell our story of 2010! i'm stuck! surely, something will come to mind before sending out another 100 'letters'. if you don't get your 'creative paper' until january, it means i didn't come up with anything worth sending out til' later december- apologies in advance.

since last december, i've designed wedding, baby shower, anniversary party and birthday invitations for several friends. here are a few pictures of a wedding invitation i designed for garrett's cousin's wedding this month. lately, i'm a big fan of pockets. love them. it's like a tiny little present- and who doesn't like presents?

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